Dow Sentrachem, Chloorkop: organic and metal contaminants in wastewater and in the downstream environment

Publication - 29 August, 2002
On two consecutive days in July 2002, a research team led by Greenpeace collected samples of wastewater being discharged by the Dow Sentrachem production facility located in the Chloorkop industrial suburb of Ekurhuleni Metro (Witwatersrand, South Africa). Samples of soil, sediment and water from the environment immediately downstream were also collected. All samples (eleven in total) were returned to the Greenpeace Research Laboratories, University of Exeter (UK) for analysis or organic and heavy metal contaminants.

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Executive summary: It is clear from the analyses presented above that the Dow Sentrachem facility located at Chloorkop is releasing hazardous effluent and acting as a point source of a number of persistent organic and metal contaminants.

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