Energy [R]evolution 2008

Publication - 27 October, 2008
This report provides a blueprint showing how to apply existing technologies to halve global CO2 emissions by 2050, whilst allowing for an increase in energy consumption. The report is divided into 10 regional reports, with a global summary. It demonstrates how a 'business as usual' scenario is not an option if we are to attain a secure and stable energy supply.

Energy supply has become a subject of major universal concern. High and volatile oil and gas prices, threats to a secure and stable supply and not least climate change have all pushed it high up the international agenda. In order to avoid dangerous climate change, global CO2 emissions must peak no later than 2015 and rapidly decrease after that. The technology to do this is available. The renewables industry is ready for take off and opinion polls show that the majority of people support this move.

Energy Revolution 2008