EPR - European Pressurised Reactor - Factsheet

Publication - 22 May, 2008
Greenpeace Factsheet on the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR),a new reactor design developed by the French company AREVA in co-operation with the German firm Siemens.

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Executive summary: Comprising 1,600 MW of power generation in a single unit, the EPR is intended to be the world’s largest reactor. The EPR is being promoted as a nuclear power plant which is mature, safer, cheaper and more reliable than any other. The nuclear industry is presenting it as the only example of an advanced “third generation“ reactor; a flagship of the nuclear ‘renaissance’.

Contrary to these promises, however, serious doubts have been raised based both on consideration of the EPR’s blueprints and practical experience at the two sites where EPRs are under construction, in Finland (Olkiluto 3) and France (Flamanville 3). Reality has revealed the incompetence of the nuclear industry as illustrated by weaknesses in design, problems during construction phases and soaring costs.

Num. pages: 4