Future of Rice

Publication - 15 November, 2006
Examining sustainable, long term solutions for rice production.

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Executive summary: Rice is the world’s most important staple food - grown in over 100 countries, consumed regularly by over two billion people and the primary source of protein for millions. But the production of rice is at a critical crossroad if the future biodiversity of rice and rice farmers, producers and consumers is going to be protected. The Greenpeace International report ‘Future of Rice’ highlights problems with current rice production and documents scientifically proven solutions currently used by rice farmers around the world. Sustainable rice production is already being achieved. The report presents an analysis of these sustainable rice production methods, which include traditional rice growing systems and cutting edge technologies.The report’s authors, Dr Emerlito Borromeo and Dr Debal, also examine genetic engineering which is frequently touted as a quick fix solution to agricultural problems.

Num. pages: 20