Greenpeace International Annual Report 07

Publication - 16 October, 2008
Upon winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore said that he could not understand why young people were not chaining themselves to coal-fired power stations.They are...and so are we.

Greenpeace International
Annual Report 07

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Executive summary: Our direct actions led to the cancellation of new coal-fired power stations in both the Philippines and New Zealand and the stalling of another in the Netherlands.

Taking action remains at the heart of Greenpeace. Our non-violent actions happen in all parts of the world, and the number of our activists continues to grow. We maintain our independence, accepting no money from corporations or governments. But, we want to do more than act for others; we want to take action with others. Today, it's as important to Greenpeace that we help others take meaningful action as it is that we take actions ourselves. Throughout 2007, we continued to expand our networks.

In December, at the UN Climate Conference in Bali, we called for both an "Energy Revolution" and "Forests for Climate". Our solutions set out a vision for a green and peaceful future. They are designed to benefit both the planet and its people. Big problems need big solutions and collective action: Greenpeace is ready for both.

Gerd Leipold,
Executive Director,
Greenpeace International

Errata, January 2009

Two errors were included in the 2007 Annual Report upon its original publication on this website. All downloads of this document from 22 January 2009 onwards contain the following corrected pages:

Page 25: Updated figures for the section 'Liabilities'

Page 26: Correction to transposed numerals on balance sheet figure for year 2006.

Please note that none of these corrections affect the stated Balance Sheet Total Assets figures published for 2007 and 2006; these figures remain correct.

If you have already downloaded the Annual Report 2007 and wish to replace only these two pages, a standalone document may be downloaded here.

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