Greener Electronics Nokia Ranking - 8th Edition

Publication - 25 June, 2008
Nokia comes in at 3rd place, despite continuing to have a penalty point deducted from its overall score of 5.8, for corporate misbehaviour on its take-back and recycling practice, bring it down to 4.8. Further testing of Nokia’s take-back programme by Greenpeace revealed that staff are still not informed about its take-back service in India.Nokia scores very well on toxic chemical issues, launching new models free of PVC since the end of 2005 and aiming to have all new models free of brominated flame retardants by the end of 2009.Nokia does quite well on e-waste issues despite reporting a recycling rate of 2%, Its energy score is boosted by sourcing 25% of its total energy needs from renewable sources in 2007 and a target to increase use of renewables to 50% by 2010.