Greener Electronics Sharp Ranking - 8th Edition

Publication - 25 June, 2008
Sharp is in 12th place with a score of 3.9, mainly due to its policy and practice on toxic chemical issues. Sharp has launched many models of LCD TVs and solar modules that are free of PVC and has committed to eliminating phthalates from all products by the end of 2010.On e-waste criteria, Sharp scores pitifully gaining points only for information provided to consumers in a few countries on what to do with their discarded Sharp branded products and for use of small amounts of recycled plastic. Sharp discloses third party verified greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its own operations and scores well on energy efficiency by having most LCD TVs meeting Energy Star requirements, with over 60% of models being at least 30% more energy efficient than the Energy Star baseline, and one-quarter of models being at least 50% more energy efficient.