Greener Electronics Sony Ericsson Ranking - 8th Edition

Publication - 25 June, 2008
Sony Ericsson is in pole position despite barely scraping past the halfway mark with 5.1. It is the first company to score almost top marks on the chemicals criteria, missing this target by having unreasonably high threshold limits for brominated flame retardants in products that are allegedly BFR-free. All SE products are already PVC-free. SE has already met the challenge of the new criterion on chemicals, by banning antimony, beryllium and phthalates from new models launched since January 2008. The company scores relatively high on energy criteria because all of its products meet and exceed the Energy Star standard. On all other energy issues, it scores badly. Sony Ericsson falls down on e-waste issues scoring badly on all the criteria. It reports a pitiful recycling rate of 1%-13%.