Greener Electronics Acer Ranking - 9th Edition

Publication - 16 September, 2008
Acer increases its score slightly to 4.5 points but now takes 10th place. It scores most points for its efforts on toxic chemicals with a commitment to phase out all phthalates, berylliumand compounds and antimony and compounds in all new products by 2012, although it does not yet have any products that are free of PVC and BFRs on the market.Acer scores poorly on e-waste even though it is reporting a recycling rate of 31.7% based on past sales, for desktops and notebooks sold and recycled in Taiwan. It also scores top marks (for now) on support for Individual Producer Responsibility, because the company has visited SWICO (Switzerland), El Kretson (Sweden), Hellmann (German), ICT-Milieu & NVMP(Netherlands), and WEEE Forum (Belgium) to collect Acer’s recycling amount and related information.On energy, Acer scores points for providing data on its greenhouse gas emissions in Taiwan and for reporting on the energy efficiency of its products; since 20 July 2007, 75% of Acer’s notebook PCs, 10% of desktop PCs and 100% of LCD monitors have been verified as Energy Star compliant.