Greener Electronics FSE Ranking - 9th Edition

Publication - 16 September, 2008
Fujitsu Siemens Computers leaps ahead into 3rd place – up from 15th in v.8, with a score of 5.5 points, most of which are gained on the toxic chemical criteria. FSC sells a rangeof green-certified products, which use halogen-free flame retarded plastics and halogen-free circuit boards for mainboard and power supply, but there is no information on PVC-freecomponents. FSC has finally put a timeline of end of 2010 for the complete elimination of PVC and BFRs in all its products.FSC scores poorly on the e-waste criteria. The only voluntary take-back service offered by FSC is in South Africa. The company reports a recycling rate of 22.5% for Germany basedon past sales, using a 7-year average lifespan of a computer, and over 30% in 13 other countries where its products are sold.On energy, FSC improves its score, getting top marks for its political support for global cuts of greenhouse gas emissions. It also scores points for reporting that 27% of consumer PCs meet the Energy Star 4 standard, 75% of Business Line professional notebooks and 58% of PCs meet ES4. Of these models, 100% exceed the Energy Star requirements by26 – 57%.