Greener Electronics LG Electronics Ranking - 10th Edition

Publication - 24 November, 2008

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Executive summary: LG Electronics remains in 6th position, but increases its score to 5.7, gaining extra points for energy efficiency of its products; LGE reports that 100% of its chargers exceed the Energy Star standard (v.1.1) by 50%, and data provided for energy efficiency of TVs is for models introduced since the latest Energy Star standard, which came into effect July 2005.LGE has launched new models of mobile phones with halogen-free housings, packaging and main printed wiring board. It now provides a timeline of 2012 for eliminating phthalates and antimony – but only in new models of mobile products. LGE scores well on e-waste by starting a take-back programme for its products in the US, including LG, Zenith and GoldStar brands of TVs. It also reports its use of (post-industrial) recycled plastic across all LGE products as 11%, with plans to increase this to 25%, but¬¬¬ without a timeline. The company has compiled figures for e-waste recycling in Europe, Asia and North America and reports a recycling rate in relation to current sales for all regions. Globally, the recycling rate for total IT and telecom equipment is 13.2% and consumer equipment (that includes TVs) is 13.7%. However, LGE fails to disclose the source of EU recycling data or how it was calculated.