Greener Electronics Motorola Ranking - 10th Edition

Publication - 24 November, 2008

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Executive summary: Motorola climbs to joint 7th place, up from 15th, with a score of 5.3 points, gaining points on chemicals by finally setting a goal to eliminate PVC and BFRs in all products introduced after 2010, joining the other mobile phone brands in the ranking that make this commitment. Motorola also scores relatively well on the other chemicals criteria; it has launched 59 models of mobile phone with BFR free circuit boards. It also gained points on energy efficiency for providing information that approximately half of all new external power adapters (chargers) met the Energy Star requirements and 100% of these exceed the requirements for standby/no-load modes by 50%, since the standard came into force. On the other energy criteria Motorola scores relatively well for disclosing greenhouse gas emissions, committing to cuts and reporting a 5.4% renewable energy use (as proportion of all electricity purchased) in 2007, although it needs to commit to increase the use of renewable energy with a timeline. On waste issues, Motorola scores well for its take-back and recycling service in 73 countries, representing over 90% of global mobile phone unit sales. It reports a global take-back rate of 3% of total handsets sold in 2005.