Greenfreeze: from snowball to industrial avalanche

Publication - 6 June, 2004
Greenfreeze is an ozone-friendly refrigeration technology developed by Greenpeace to challenge an industry that said it couldn't be done. It has gone on to dominate the European refrigeration industry and won a United Nations award for protecting the ozone layer. This is the story of the Greenfreeze campaign.

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Executive summary: The 1997 UNEP Ozone Award-winning Greenfreeze technology is the most environmentally sustainable domestic refrigeration technology currently available. Developed by Greenpeace in 1992, Greenfreeze is now cost effective, technologically mature and commercially accepted in most major markets. There are nearly 150 million Greenfreezerefrigerators in the world today. Greenfreeze technology is produced by the largest appliance manufacturers in west-ern Europe, China, Japan and India. Greenfreeze is also produced in Australia, Argentina and Cuba. It is only artificially created obstacles that have prevented the introduction of Greenfreeze on the North American market.

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