Nuclear Weapons Accidents Briefing Paper (1950-1993)

Publication - 1 March, 1996
The twenty-three accidents listed in this report involving U.S., Soviet, and Russian nuclear weapons or nuclear-armed ships and submarines are some of the more serious nuclear accidents to befall U.S. and Soviet nuclear forces.As a result of accidents, some 51 nuclear warheads were lost into sea (44 Soviet and 7 U.S. However, at least one Soviet warhead was recovered). Also, seven nuclear reactors (5 Soviet and 2 U.S.) from three Soviet and two U.S. nuclear- powered submarines have been lost at sea due to accidents. Another 19 nuclear reactors from nuclear-powered vessels have been deliberately dumped at sea (18 Soviet and 1 U.S.).

Littering the planet with nuclear power plants won't put a lid on nuclear weapons.

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