IPCC AR4 briefing - Millions at Risk

Publication - 31 March, 2007
There is a fundamental injustice at the heart of the climate change problem. The first and worst impacts of climate change are being felt by the poor in the developing world. Drought in sub-Saharan Africa, floods in China and India, and a near tripling of people affected by extreme weather and other natural disasters globally in the last two decades, almost all in the developing world, affecting those who are most vulnerable and least able to cope. The responsibility for the problem, however, lies elsewhere, primarily in the rich countries of the OECD but increasingly with rapidly industrializing countries.

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Executive summary: Briefing on the potential human impacts of climate change, and related sustainable development issues.Prepared in advance of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 8th Session of Working Group II.

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