Ecological Criteria for the Identification of Potential Marine Reserves

Publication - 1 August, 2005
Submission to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), 2005

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Executive summary: Only through swift and comprehensive action that establishes a globally representative network of marine reserves across the world’s oceans, can we ensure that the principles and objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity are met and implemented. In order to effectively protect the whole range of marine biodiversity across the world’s oceans, the management of threats to the marine environment needs to be paralleled by its protection through a comprehensive network of large-scale fully protected marine reserves. As a matter of urgency 40% of each habitat in each large marine ecosystem, including on the high seas, must be designated using the best available scientific information. The precautionary principle must be applied. A lack of detailed data should not be used as a reason for delay or inaction, but should rather be seen as catalyst for precautionary action – protecting those areas as the default condition rather than allowing their destruction and only later taking mitigative action.

Num. pages: 6