Montreal Climate Summit 2005: Greenpeace Document kit

Publication - 15 November, 2005
Greenpeace position papers and backgrounders for the 2005 Montreal Climate Summit.

What more need we say?

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Executive summary: This zip file contains the following documents:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Montreal Climate Change Summit (and the answers)
  • How much climate change can we bear?
  • Carbon Capture And Storage
  • A Guide to the Climate Negotiations in Montreal - Nov 28 – Dec 9, 2005
  • It's only words: how the Kyoto treaty is being undermined
  • Study of Greenland glaciers
  • The Polar Bear is a threatened species
  • Time is Running Out for the Planet
  • U.S. Action On Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy and Climate Change: a primer
  • Will Americans Act on Climate Change?