Guide to Greener Electronics - Motorola March 2009

Publication - 31 March, 2009
Motorola drops from 7th to 8th place, with a score of 5.3 points, losing points on reporting its recycling rate and on energy, for failing to publish its third party verificationcertificate of CO2 equivalent emissions. However, it also gains points on energy for reporting that from 1 November 2008, all newly designed Motorola mobile phonechargers meet and exceed by 67% the new Energy Star v.2.0 requirements for standby/no-load modes. Motorola also discloses greenhouse gas emissions; commits tocuts of 6% in its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2010, compared with 2000; and reports a 9.7% renewable energy use (as proportion of all electricity purchased)in 2007, although it needs to commit to increase the use of renewable energy with a timeline.

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