Saving the climate: Quit nuclear madness - Energy Revolution Now!

Publication - 11 November, 2007
Humanity faces the challenge of halving global greenhouse gas emissions before 2050 to stave off potentially irreversible climate change. Nuclear power is a distraction. Its potential is too limited, it is too costly and it takes too long to deliver. It adds to problems of radioactive waste disposal and undermines international security by fuelling nuclear weapons proliferation. Forget talk of a “nuclear renaissance”: if there ever was a “nuclear era”, it has been consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

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Executive summary: The nuclear industry, and some politicians, claim that nuclear power, as a low carbon source, needs to be part of the energy mix and solution. Greenpeace contends that it would cost too much to deliver too little and too late, while adding to the risk to global security.

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