Guide to Greener Electronics - Panasonic March 2009

Publication - 31 March, 2009
Panasonic falls from 9th to 12th place and its score drops to 4.3 points, as a result of losing points for its confusing definition of the Precautionary Principle which it needs todefine further. It also loses points for not reporting to the latest Energy Star TV standard v.3.0 or to the latest ES External Power Supplies standard v.2.0. It reports that 100% ofPCs launched since 2007 meet the latest Energy Star standard and 30% exceed. Panasonic earns an additional point on the energy criteria for supporting cuts of greenhousegases of up to 30% by 2020; it also discloses externally-verified greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations and commits to absolute reduction in emissions.

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