Q & A on carbon capture storage

Publication - 5 May, 2008
Greenpeace Q&A on Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

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Executive summary: What does Greenpeace see as the problem with coal?Don’t we need to build new coal-fired power stations to keep the lights on?What is the report on CCS that Greenpeace is publishing on 5 May 2008?What does Greenpeace think about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)?What does Greenpeace think of “capture ready” power stations?Does Greenpeace support coal-fired power plants with CCS?Aren’t deep cuts in CO2 pollution needed to prevent dangerous climate change?Greenpeace is in favour of subsidies for renewables. What do you think about governmentsubsidies for the development of CCS?But surely CCS could play a role in the future, around 2030 or 2040. Shouldn’t we put somemoney into developing this technology?Can CO2 be safely and permanently stored?Why is CO2 leakage a concern?Is Greenpeace the only environmental organisation with this viewpoint on CCS?

Num. pages: 3