Renewable Independent Power Producers (RIPPs)

Publication - 1 July, 1999
Restructuring the Southeast Asian Electricity Sector usingSustainable Energy

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Executive summary: This report has been produced because of three significant developments that must now beconsidered in energy planning.i. Commercial renewable energy sources are now being rapidly developed to the stage ofbeing a mature supply option;ii. The transition of electricity markets world-wide has been similarly rapid; andiii. There is now widespread recognition that human-induced climate change is a reality andthat government policies in both developed and developing countries will need to change to ensurethat the action required by this new reality is supported by institutions and policy.Greenpeace commissioned this report in order to provide an up to date assessment of theeconomic, employment and environmental options and threats that now exist for the SoutheastAsian (SEA) energy sector. The report derives from this assessment a set of policy options thatprovide a credible way for SEA nations to satisfy demand growth, energy security and employmentpriorities, and yet also deliver on local and global environmental goals.This report has been written for energy policy-makers in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and otherSEA countries. Commentators on the energy industry in South East Asia, as well as existing andpotential private sector developers and investors in the energy sector will also find of interest theideas contained in this report.The report is also targeted at corporations currently involved in selling in Asia fossil fuel plant that isenvironmentally unsustainable, and which is becoming obsolete in regions such as Western Europe.Many of these companies have substantial involvement in the new renewable energy technologieslike solar and wind power, but are so far not choosing to develop Independent Power Producers(IPPs) that use such technology.

Num. pages: 75