Joint Declaration on Implementing Urgent Global Solutions

Publication - 11 December, 2005
Shipbreaking yards provide the last resting place for End of Life Ships. At these yards, ships are scrapped, primarily for their steel content. Ship scrapping, often referred to as ’shipbreaking’, provides employment to thousands of workers in Asia (Bangladesh, India, China and Pakistan) and allows to recycle many of the materials used in the ship’s construction. However, it is a dirty and dangerous activity. Almost all of the vessels slated for breaking contain hazardous substances. In addition, extremely poor working and environmental conditions prevail on shipbreaking yards. Shipbreaking involves environmental justice as well as human rights issues.Negotiations are under way at the international level in view of the adoption of a new binding international instrument (IMO) besides the already existing Basel Convention regime regulating the shipping industry and recycling activities for End of Life Ships.This declaration, signed by environmental and human rights organisations, seeks accelerated work to conclude tougher regulations on this dangerous and dirty industry.

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