Searching for Green Electronics

Publication - 5 March, 2008
We embarked on a mission to find the greenest electronic devices available on the market during 2007. We conducted a survey of the main brands of desktop PCs and notebooks, mobile phones and PDAs. 37 products from 14 companies were assessed against four sets of environmental criteria. Our survey clearly shows that the industry has already made advances along the path to green electronics...but there's still a long way to go.

Greenpeace has been watching the IT industry for several years, and has returned to CeBIT again in 2008, where it releases the results of its electronics survey, "Searching for Green Electronics"

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Executive summary: "Green IT" became the buzzwords of 2007. Hardly a day went by without one IT company or another proclaiming its intent to slash energy consumption, reduce waste or take some other bold action to green its operations or products. This race for greener electronics has seen dizzying changes sweep across the industry.Greenpeace has been charting this race in our "Guide to Greener Electronics". We also decided it was time to test the companies' promises, determining whether their promises were matched by real action in making green products available on the market.Our survey is based on voluntary participation by those companies wishing to submit their products to our critical evaluation. Assessed against their use of hazardous substances, energy efficiency, recyclability and upgradeability and other innovations such as their visibility and energy-use during prodution, we tested the "greenest" models submitted by 14 companies and present our findings in this report.

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