Guide to Greener Electronics - Sharp, June 2009

Publication - 1 July, 2009
Sharp continues to move up the ranking from 9th place to joint 7th, with an increased score of 5.3 points, , which it gains for energy efficiency of its products, reporting that all of its TVs meet the latest Energy Star standard and at least half exceed it in standby mode. In addition, all MFPs (multi-functional products) qualify under ES1.1, with nearly 70% at least 30% more energy efficient than the baseline. On other energy issues Sharp only ‘contributes’ to rather than explicitly ‘supports’ a mandatory global initiative that requires industrialized countries to reach their peak greenhouse gas emissions by 2015 and cut their greenhouse gas emissions at least 30% by 2020. Sharp discloses third party verified GHG emissions from its own operations and reports that 9% of the electricity it used worldwide in fiscal 2006 came from renewable energy sources; however, as most of this is provided as part of the Japanese grid, it scores no points.