Guide to Greener Electronics - Sharp, September 2009

Publication - 30 September, 2009
Sharp stays in 7th place but with a reduced score of 5.1 points. Sharp gains a point for its support for the precautionary principle but loses a point for the lack of clarity on whetherthe commitment to eliminate phthalates, relates to all phthalates, or three. Otherwise, Sharp scores well for its policy and practice on toxic chemical issues, although it specifiesthe end of fiscal 2010, rather than calendar year 2010, for its phase out of PVC and BFRs. It provides a timeline of financial year 2010 for eliminating phthalates and antimony.Sharp has launched many models of LCD TVs and solar modules that are free of PVC (except accessories) and now has 14 models of LED lightings that are BFR free.

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