Guide to Greener Electronics - Sony Ericsson March 2009

Publication - 31 March, 2009
Sony Ericsson drops one place to 3rd with a reduced score of 5.7. It loses a point for its limited definition of the principle of Individual Producer Responsibility; it alsoneeds to increase its lobbying for IPR, continue to extend its take-back and recycling programmes and provide information on its take-back programme for more of itscustomers.It is the first company to score almost top marks on the chemicals criteria, missing this target by having unreasonably high threshold limits for brominated flame retardantsin products that are allegedly BFR-free. All SE products are already PVC-free. SE has already met the challenge of the new criterion on chemicals, by banning antimony,beryllium and phthalates from new models launched since January 2008.

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