Guide to Greener Electronics - Sony, September 2009

Publication - 30 September, 2009
Sony leaps from 12th place to 8th with an improved score of 5.1. It gains points on the precautionary principle criterion and for improving its expression of support forIndividual Producer Responsibility.On energy, Sony scores points on the energy efficiency of its products by reporting that all new models of TVs released in the US (but only US) meet the latest ESrequirements, and 45 percent of new models of VAIO PCs launched between July 2007 and November 2008 meet the ES requirements for PCs. It discloses externallyverifiedgreenhouse gas emissions for over 200 sites and has committed to absolute cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. However, it needs to set a target and timelinefor increasing its use of renewable energy globally.

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