España: The Destructive Practices of Spain’s Fishing Armada

Publication - 3 May, 2010
Spain is Europe’s largest fishing nation, whose fleet represents nearly one-fourth of the European Union’s total fishing capacity and receives the most subsidies in the European Union. Some of its vessels catch more than entire nation’s fishing fleets and Spanish vessels travel as far as Antarctica and Africa to plunder our oceans of fish. Spanish overfishing has continued in spite of scientific evidence that says fishing must be reduced in order for fish stocks and oceans to remain healthy and alive. At a time when up to 90% of Europe’s fish stocks are in a bad state fishing practices such as those employed by Spain should be ended, not subsidised by taxpayers.

España: The Destructive Fishing Practices of Spain’s Fishing Armada is released as European fisheries ministers gather in the home port city of Spain’s fishing industry to begin designing the next reform process of Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Reformed every ten years, the CFP is Europe’s fisheries management mechanism and has thus far benefited Spain’s industrial fishing companies and helped decimate small-scale and sustainable fishing companies. This report details why the previous CFP has failed Europe’s citizens and fish and what can be done to create a CFP that works not just for Spain’s industrial fleet, but for everyone. With a solid and strong CFP, Europe can have fish and healthy oceans.

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