Success or Failure in Copenhagen

Publication - 3 December, 2009
Once the smoke blows away and the mirrors are removed it becomes obvious that the focus by some world leaders on the process of the climate negotiations is designed to obscure their reluctance to talk about the substance.

Executive summary: The paper tiger of ‘politically binding’ versus ‘legally binding’, the sorrowful acceptance of a 6-12 month delay and the general lowering of expectations are in danger of creating a global wave of apathy amongst politicians and the public and have neatly sidestepped the question of what the world actually needs to avoid disaster on an unimaginable scale.

The crunch issues - The real key to progress in Copenhagen is resolution and agreement on the crunch issues, those key elements that will put the world on a path to staying as far below a 2 degrees Celcius temperature as possible. That is what the science demands and what is required to ensure the survival of the world’s most vulnerable countries and people and, ultimately, all of humanity.

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