Taking Stock of Tuna

Publication - 10 December, 2009
Tuna is the world’s favourite fish. It can be found from high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo to family shopping trolleys in North American supermarkets and the dinner plates of Pacific island communities. With the world’s appetite for tuna now greater than what our oceans can sustain, tuna stocks globally are coming under pressure,suffering from overfishing and in some cases reaching the point of collapse.

Taking Stock of Tuna
Greenpeace International, December 2009

Executive summary: The current demand for tuna is not sustainable. So what must we do to take tuna out of the can? Restaurants cannot continue to serve bluefin tuna as fishing fleets chase down the last fish. Retailers should no longer sell cheap canned tuna that masks a much greater cost to ocean life and coastal communities. Those trading in tuna must take responsibility for the future of the world’s favourite fish, and for their own industries, by seeking out tuna species and fishing methods that are truly sustainable. Since 2005, Greenpeace has been campaigning for supermarkets to sell only sustainable seafood. One focus of our markets work has been on making retailers move to using only sustainable and equitable tuna sources. Taking Stock of Tuna reports on the current situation, and the achievements we have made so far.

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