Tasmanian forests under threat

Publication - 5 January, 2004
The Styx Valley in south-west Tasmania, Australia houses the world's tallest hardwood trees and flowering plants. The Eucalyptus regnans or 'swamp gums' in the Styx stand up to 96.5 metres tall and are second in height only to the famous Redwood trees of North America (softwoods). Many are over 400 years old and up to five metres wide at the base. Also known as the Valley of the Giants, the Styx is one of the most precious ancient forests in Tasmania and is recognised for its World Heritage qualities. These ancient forests are now under threat. In 1997, only 13 percent of the original cover of Eucalyptus regnans remained as ancient forest in Tasmania. Less than half of that is protected in national parks and proper reserves.

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