Guide to Greener Electronics - Toshiba, June 2009

Publication - 1 July, 2009
Toshiba moves up the ranking from 7th to 5th place with a slight improvement to its score of 5.5, up from 5.3. The company gains a point on its commitment to cutting GHGs, as it has now clarified that it aims to stop increasing emissions by FY2012 and plans to control the absolute reduction at a level of 1.96 million tons by FY2012, to have emissions peak at 70% less than the FY1990 level, and decrease them by a further 10% by 2025. It also gains a point (doubled) on the energy efficiency of its products. All new LCD TVs released since November 2008 are Energy Star compliant and 21 models exceed the specifications by 30% or more and 93% of new PC platforms developed since July 07 can be configured to meet Energy Star 4. Toshiba provides clarification on what it understands by ‘Energy Star configuration’.