Tropical deforestation and the Kyoto Protocol

Publication - 3 December, 2007
Greenpeace's proposal for how the Kyoto Protocol should address the issue of tropical deforestation, which accounts for approximately 20 per cent of global C02 emissions.

Smoke from forest fires drifts across deforested land. Palm oil companies are clearing forest and peatlands with fires in preparation for oil palm plantations.

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Executive summary: Preventing dangerous climate change and hence limiting warming to well below 2ºC above pre-industrial levels requires that emissions from deforestation be halted within a decade. Efforts to address emissions from deforestation must be additional to deeper cuts in Annex I emission reduction targets, and not provide an excuse for rich countries to do nothing athome. If the UNFCCC is to be successful in meeting its objective to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate, it must address emissions from both fossil fuels and forest destruction.

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