While Stocks Last

Publication - 3 March, 2010
Greenpeace recommendations in relation to a number of key marine proposals under discussion at CITES COP 15, Doha, Qatar March 13-25 2010.

Captive bluefin tuna inside a transport cage. The cage is being towed by a tug from fishing grounds in Libya to Tuna farms in Sicily.

Executive summary: CITES COP 15 is particularly important for the world’s marine resources. The world’s oceans are in crisis, with more than 40% heavily degraded, and over three quarters of fish stocks either overfished or severely depleted. This crisis has been compounded by the failure of existing organisations to ensure effective ocean conservation and management. It is not too late to save our oceans, to shift the balance of human impacts from damage and harm to protection and conservation. CITES COP 15 offers a real chance to set us on that road to recovery.

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