Windforce 12 2005

Publication - 30 June, 2005
Windforce 12 describes how 12 percent of the world's electricity can be supplied by wind and 11 billion tonnes of CO2 can be saved by 2020.

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Executive summary: The global energy challenge of our time is to tackle the threat of climate change, meet the rising demand for energy and to safeguard security of energy supplies. Wind energy is one of the most effective power technologies that is ready today for global deployment on a scale that can help tackle these problems. Wind power can be installed far quicker than conventional power stations. This is a significant factor in economies with rapid growth in electricity demand. Wind energy is a significant and powerful resource. It is safe, clean, and abundant. Unlike conventional fuels, wind energy is a massive indigenous power source permanently available in virtually every nation in the world. It delivers the energy security benefits of avoided fuel costs, no long term fuel price risk, and wind power avoids the economic and supply risks that can with reliance on imported fuels and political dependence on other countries.Wind Force 12 is a global industry blueprint which demonstrates that there are no technical, economic or resource barriers to supplying 12% of the world's electricity needs with wind power alone by 2020 - and this against the challenging backdrop of a projected two thirds increase of electricity demand by that date. By 2020, 1,250 GW of wind power can be installed. The wind industry we have today is capable of becoming a dynamic, innovative € 80 billion annual business by 2020, helping to satisfy global energy demands and unlock a new era of economic growth, technological progress and environmental protection. The wind industry of today is one the world's fastest growing energy sectors and offers the best opportunity to begin the transition to a global economy based on sustainable energy.

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