17th Annual Meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)

Paris, France: 17-27 November 2010

Publication - 19 November, 2010
Government leaders and fisheries managers are gathering in Paris, France for the 17th annual ICCAT meeting, which will decide the future of the iconic Atlantic bluefin tuna. Greenpeace is demanding that this year's ICCAT meeting produce a decision to close the Mediterranean bluefin fishery and protect key spawning grounds for the species.

Greenpeace activists hang a banner urging ICCAT delegates to save the bluefin tuna as a French fishing industry-organised river lobby cruise passes on the Seine River in Paris, 22 November 2010.


This year's ICCAT meeting comes afte rthe exposure of significant fraud and xompliance problems in the bluefin trade, years of failure to implement the body's own scientific recommendations and also follows a two-month expedition by two Greenpeace ships in the Mediterranean this past summer.

Numerous political bodies, from the European Union to the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) have indicated that this year's ICCAT meeting must produce a positive result for the bluefin tuna and the millions of people dependent on a healthy Mediterranean Sea for survival.

Greenpeace Confronts Bluefin Tuna Fishing Operations in the Mediterranean inJune 2010 (Video)

Greenpeace Policy Briefings

Greenpeace has exposed ICCAT documents that show as much as 10,200 tonnes of bluefin tuna remain alive in cages in Mediterranean tuna farms. Why is there a need for any quota in 2011 if thousands of tons of tuna remain unsold? Read our briefing here.

Greenpeace policy statement released in advance of the 17th annual ICCAT meeting.

Greenpeace submission to the ICCAT Secretariat on the opening of the 17th annual meeting.

The Greenpeace Tuna Mobile outside of the iCCAT meeting venue as delegates arrive on 19 November 2010

Materials for Media

Greenpeace's news release on the opening of the 17th annual ICCAT meeting

Photos of Greenpeace protest outside of ICCAT meeting venue before the opening meeting on 19 November 2010.

Greenpeace news release detailing activists' efforts to halt French industry lobbying cruise of ICCAT delegates on 22 November 2010. Photos can be found here.

Greenpeace news release on the close of the Paris ICCAT meeting and its failure to secure bluefin protection.

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Greenpeace ICCAT Blogs

Greenpeace campaigner Oliver Knowles writes during his trip to Paris for ICCAT about the  bluefin-focused year he's had in 2010.

Greenpeace Spain's Celia Ojeda Martinez reflects on her experiences meeting the fishing communities who are close to the bluefin trade.

Greenpeace France's François Chartier details the journey of the Greenpeace TunaMobile in the lead-up to ICCAT.

Greenpeace International's Sebastian Losada shares his thoughts on some behind-the-scenes activities at ICCAT.

Greenpeace France's Axel Renaudin explains why Greenpeace halted a French fishing industry organized lobby cruise during the ICCAT conference.

Greenpeace International's Oliver Knowles shines a light on the lack of transparency at ICCAT meetings.

Greenpeace International's Oliver Knowles laments the failure of ICCAT to protect the Atlantic bluefin.

Greenpeace Background Documents

A detailed look at the crisis facing the bluefin tuna.

A timeline of the bluefin's collapse and the Greenpeace campaign to halt the collapse.