Executive Director

דרושים - 19 אוגוסט, 2019
To work in line with the Boards written policies provide effective leadership, direction and management of the organization in co-operation and co-ordination with Greenpeace International and in accordance with Greenpeace’s core values and purpose of winning campaigns. To ensure that GP Med plays a key role in the development of Greenpeace International’s international campaigns and makes best possible contributions, including financial, to Greenpeace’s global work.

Purpose of the Job

To in line with the Boards’ written policies provide effective leadership, direction and management of the organisation in co-operation and co-ordination with Greenpeace International and in accordance with Greenpeace’s core values and purpose of winning campaigns.


To ensure that GP Med plays a key role in the development of Greenpeace International’s international campaigns and makes best possible contributions, including financial, to Greenpeace’s global work.


Main Responsibilities

1. Leadership

* Based on policies and decisions by the board and in partnership with Greenpeace International, set strategic objectives and strategic priorities for the organisation, develop and nurture its philosophy and core values.

* Provide leadership and inspiration to staff and volunteers, and work with senior management to ensure a common vision and sense of purpose at every level.

* Maintain and strengthen the growth dynamic followed by GP Med, with special attention to the Turkish office with its immense growth potential as provider of resources for Greenpeace work in the whole region.

* Ensure that there is a common understanding among staff, volunteers and other key stakeholders of the organisation’s vision, mission, strategic objectives and priorities, with a specific focus on the regional scope of GP Med.

* Ensure that staff and volunteers at all levels are focused on achieving these objectives and operate at all times in accordance with the organisation’s core values.

* Develop and foster an organisational culture that attracts, retains and motivates staff and volunteers, and in which individuals constantly seek to learn and to improve their own performance and the performance of the organisation as a whole.

* Particularly focus on the development of senior managers from within the region to strengthen long-term development capacities.


2. Strategic Development

* Based on policies and decisions by the board and in partnership with Greenpeace International and with senior staff members, develop the long-term strategy for the organisation within its core values and objectives. 

* Ensure activities are developed, planned and implemented to strengthen the regional scope of GP Med activities and presence in the region.

* Monitor, review and as necessary amend the strategy on a regular basis in response to the external environment and in partnership with Greenpeace International.

* Monitor and review the external environment for changes and developments that may affect the organisation and based on policies and decisions by the board and in partnership with Greenpeace International, take action to amend or implement new plans as necessary.


Governance and Relationship to the Board

* Ensure that the organisation fulfils all its legal statutory and regulatory responsibilities.

* Ensure that organisational risks are identified, understood and monitored and that there are systems in place to mitigate the risks, without compromising the organisation’s capacity for effective action.

* Ensure that the Board is kept informed of developments that might significantly affect the organisation, and kept abreast of legal actions affecting the organisation or individuals within it or that might have legal implications for the Board or for individual board members.

* Take responsibility for the overall financial health of the organisation and ensure that appropriate financial and auditing systems are in place, so as to safeguard the organisation’s financial and other assets, and ensure the organisation is run efficiently and effectively.

* Provide the Board with regular reports as to the status of the organisation and progress against agreed plans, strategic objectives and board policies.

* Ensure that the Board receives sufficient and timely information and advice to be able to make informed decisions, and that where board decisions are required these are clearly identified.

* Hold regular meetings with the Board Chair to openly discuss problems and progress, agree on expectations, plan the programme and prepare for meetings with the full Board.

* Support the Board in ensuring that the organisation has a governance structure appropriate to its size, objectives and mode of operation, which protects it from unnecessary risk and is in accordance with Greenpeace guidance and norms.


4. Operations

* Ensure that all elements and standards of the Operating Model in Greenpeace are implemented, and all operations are in line with the related accountabilities towards Greenpeace International. 

* Exert overall control of all aspects of the operation of the organisation, including implementation and evaluation of its overall strategies and polices, its campaign, financial, marketing, communications and administrative programmes.

* Ensure that the organisation’s plans and policies are relevant, fair and consistently implemented and in accord with Greenpeace’s core values. 

* Ensure that proper financial controls and practices are adhered to at all times.

* Ensure that appropriate annual business and organisational plans are developed, agreed upon and implemented.

* Identify relevant methods for monitoring the performance of the organisation and report to the board on performance according to approved business, financial and operational plans.

* Take ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the operation of Greenpeace Med, including the implementation and evaluation of its strategies, policies and programmes.

* Approve and take personal responsibility for all direct actions carried out in the organisation’s name.

* Participate in international meetings and discussions with colleagues from other Greenpeace offices.


5. Management

* Ensure that management structure and systems are appropriate to meet the organisation’s objectives and enable staff to carry out their work effectively and efficiently, maintaining a culture of risk taking, including regarding the ambitious rate of development GP Med wants to follow.

* Ensure that management policies and decisions are in line with the agreed strategic direction, priorities and core values of the organisation.

* Ensure that the recruitment, management, training and development of staff and volunteers are in line with good employment practice and directed towards achieving the organisation’s objectives.

* Take ultimate responsibility for the recruitment, induction, training and development of all staff and have in place proper disciplinary and grievance procedures.

* Ensure that staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities, held directly accountable for their work, achieve the highest possible standards and are appraised regularly.


6. Communications

* Foster good communications within the organisation, ensuring quality information flow between departments, in both directions within the management hierarchy and between the organisation and its volunteers.

* Develop the organisation’s public profile and foster appropriate and productive relations with for instance other non-governmental organisations, media organisations, and government, statutory and private bodies.

* Ensure continuous support to the digital strategy developed by GP Med team.

* Ensure that there are mechanisms in place to take account of the views of staff, volunteers and external stakeholders regarding both the performance of the organisation and potential areas for future attention.

* Represent the organisation and act as a spokesperson at public functions, meetings and to the media and support the development of efficient spokespersons in each country where GP Med operates.


Skills and Qualifications


* Total commitment to Greenpeace’s core values (bearing witness, nonviolent direct action, independence and internationalism) and to its mission and objectives.

* Prepared to take ultimate responsibility for the actions and effectiveness of the organisation.

* Unquestionable personal integrity. 

* Commitment to positive direct action as a tool to achieve campaign objectives, and to coordinated international action. 



* Strong leadership with the ability to lead and inspire others, bring together individuals with strong personal commitment and potentially divergent opinions and engage with people from a range of backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints. 

* Excellent analysis skills: High intellectual abilities; sound analytical and judgmental skills, and an ability to identify problems, assess options and make timely decisions. 

* Innovative and solution driven: Breadth of thinking and ability to introduce and apply innovative and radical approaches. 

* Proactive role in identifying opportunities for Greenpeace actions and in developing strategic partnerships, in particular in the Arab world

* Respect for and understanding of diversity in opinions and cultures: An international outlook and understanding of different cultures and outlooks. 

* Sound risk assessment: Ability to assess risk, both organisational and personal, and decide if it is justified.

* Willingness to push legal boundaries if the timing and the campaign aims justify it. 

* Strong management skills: Ability to translate strategic plans into reality and ensure delivery and performance. 

* Ability to present an argument coherently and persuasively and negotiate effectively

* Public speaking: Ability to speak confidently and fluently in stressful and potentially antagonistic circumstances and to represent the organisation at all levels of public life. 

* Strong capacity to adapt to change: Flexibility and ability to manage rapidly changing situations decisively and effectively. 

* Willingness to travel extensively in the region. 



1. Management 

* A successful track record of at least three years of management at executive level, in a substantial, complex organisation, in either the non-governmental, commercial or public sector. 

* Direct experience of developing and implementing strategic plans. 

* Experience of managing strong willed, committed individuals in a values-based organisation.

* Experience of board level relations and knowledge of governance in the non-governmental sector.

* Management experience in a range of disciplines including (some or all of) operations, marketing, finance, human resources, IT, campaigning, media, fundraising and investigations.

* Experience in making best use of volunteers working alongside paid staff. 


2. Campaign Experience

* Good knowledge of the environmental issues that are the focus of Greenpeace’s campaigns. 

* Substantial knowledge of campaigning and advocacy as a strategy to generate change. 

* Good understanding of regional politics, including a strategic view on the relationships established by Turkey and Israel between each other and with Arab countries in the region and beyond. 

* Good understanding of the relationship between long lasting peace and sound management of natural resources and preservation of the environment.


3. Fundraising and engagement

* Thorough understanding of, and experience from, seeking voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals and charitable foundations.

* Understanding of, and experience from, inviting and engaging volunteers, supporters and others to work together to facilitate social change.


4. Languages:

* Fluent English, plus an additional language (preferably Turkish, Hebrew).



Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues

through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its mission.


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