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Greenpeace continues to occupy oil rig in Sicily in protest at Italy's promotion of drilling

Pubblicazione - 14 ottobre, 2014
Greenpeace plans to stay overnight at the oil rig it has been peacefully occupying in the Sicilian channel owned by ENI Mediterranea Idrocarburi. Since sunrise this morning Greenpeace is protesting against an Italian governmental decree, the so called “Sblocca Italia”, that aims to both simplify and encourage offshore drilling, possibly leading to a substantial “fossil turn” in Italy’s energy strategy.

Greenpeace Italy campaigner Andrea Boraschi said: “Italian national reserves of offshore oil are very scarce and of poor quality. Increasing offshore fossil production would represent a real menace to the Mediterranean environment and would derail Italy from the decarbonisation path, impacting on tourism and sustainable fisheries”.

On 23 and 24 October, EU leaders are expected to decide on their commitments beyond 2020 to tackle climate change and clean up Europe’s energy future.

“We will continue our protest, having gained strength and support from many local communities and local governments, as well as from European citizens. Italy should lead the EU to seriously tackle climate change, this is what we expect from the October meetings. Drilling the Mediterranean for a short supply of oil, in this scenario, should not be an option,” said Boraschi.

Greenpeace believes that ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (55%) as well as for renewables (45%) and energy efficiency (40%) should be adopted by the EU in the 2030 climate and energy package. Since Italy is currently holding the EU presidency, Greenpeace is directly asking Italy’s Prime Minister to promote an ambitious agreement among EU countries.

Greepeace hung a 120 square metre banner from the oil rig depicting the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, with a satirical message, promising “more offshore drilling for Italy”. It also carried Greenpeace’s demand of: “Stop fossils, go renewable”. A further two activists in a life raft are anchored to the base of the platform, displaying more pro-renewables messages.

There was no confrontation with the rig staff and the action was carried out peacefully. The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, anchored nearby is supporting the action.

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Gabriele Salari, press officer, +39 342.5532207

Felice Moramarco, press officer, +39 06.68136061 ext. 123 – +39 348.7630682

Massimo Guidi, photos/video, +39 06.68136061 ext. 222 – +39 348 6811043

Andrea Boraschi, climate and energy campaigner, +39 345.7491523 

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