Detox - Colossus_Mexico City

사진 | 2014-06-02

Mexico City, 28 May 2014.- Eight activists from Greenpeace protested against adidas at an international friendly match between Mexico and Israel at the Azteca stadium, in Mexico City. They released a big banner of 220 square meters with the message “adidas, Detox Football”.This protest comes after investigations revealing the presence of dangerous chemicals in official World Cup merchandise made by Nike, Puma and the Cup’s official sponsor, adidas. These included boots, gloves and some products designed for children.The latest Detox investigation included shoes made in Vietnam and bought in Mexico, in which perfluorinated chemicals PFC, like the hazardous acid (PFOA) were found. This substance is persistent in the environment and can be dangerous to reproduction.Models of adidas ‘Predator’ football boots were found to have the highest concentration of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) at levels over adidas’ own limits.© Greenpeace / Alonso Crespo