L'Activisme n'est pas un crime!


Communiqués de presse - avril 3, 2014
Rosina est une activiste de Greenpeace México qui a agi pacifiquement pour mettre en lumière la menace qu'est le pétrole pour notre climat. Aujourd'hui, elle risque 10 ans de prison ! Soutenez Rosina, soutenez Greenpeace Mexique : http://www.greenpeacenocalla.org/ et dites à Pemex que l'activisme n'est pas un crime!

jeudi 3 avril 2014

The oil company PEMEX is pressing charges against one of our activists, Rosina Gonzalez, that could see her sent to prison for 10 years.

She urgently needs your help!

What crime could justify her being locked up for a decade? A peaceful protest on Pemex’s building in Veracruz demanding a safe clean renewable energy future for Mexico and climate action for the world.

Pemex claims she damaged a light on their building worth some Euro 3,500, yet has provided no proof.

At this moment PEMEX is looking for foreign investors, like Shell, Exxon, British Petroleum or Chevron, so they can continue oil exploitation.

Rosina has stood up for our climate & for all of us. Now we ask you to stand up for her.

Ten years in jail for a light?

Please, send a message to CEO of Pemex Emillio Lozoya and calling on him to drop these absurd charges.

Tweet him to drop the unfair and ridiculous charges!

 Demanding clean & safe renewable energy is not a crime! @EmilioLozoyaAus drop the charges #SaveRosina www.greenpeacenocalla.org

 10 yrs in jail for a light? An absurd charge for a peaceful protest demanding renewable energy! #FreeRosina www.greenpeacenocalla.org

 I stand with Rosina for #SavingMexico & the climate. @EmilioLozoyaAus drop the charges against her! www.greenpeacenocalla.org

 Rosina was #SavingMexico demanding renewable energy. Now is our time to #SaveRosina from @PEMEX www.greenpeacenocalla.org

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