Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone companies on the planet, is about the make a huge decision. Their senior management is deciding what to do with 4.3 million recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones: ship them off to a big smelter and waste precious resources or do something truly innovative and reuse the materials to make new phones.

Your Voice Counts

We believe right now Samsung has a huge opportunity to change the way they make our phones and so do the 25,000 people around the world that signed the petition and the thousands that called Samsung to ask for their plan. The powerful thing is, we know they are listening.

If we continue to act quickly and globally, together we have the power to convince Samsung to make the right decision.

What can you do? Tweet to #SaveTheGalaxy!

You can help us give make sure Samsung saves 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 phones by taking action right now. Today, we are taking to twitter, where @SamsungMobile has over 12 million followers, to get their attention.

Do you have a twitter account? Help convince Samsung by joining a global tweetstorm to #SaveTheGalaxy:

tweet [email protected], this decision matters so do the right thing & show us your plan to reuse 4.3 million #GalaxyNote7 phones. #SaveTheGalaxy

tweet [email protected]: there is opportunity in crisis. Show us a plan for the #GalaxyNote7 that is fit for the planet! #SaveTheGalaxy

tweet [email protected]: it’s time to address your impact on the planet. Be transparent and show us your plan for the #GalaxyNote7! #SaveTheGalaxy

tweet [email protected], what you do with 4.3 million phones matters right now & for the future! Choose to #SaveTheGalaxy not destroy it!

… and of course, feel free to write your own messages on top of that!

And whether you’re on twitter or not, you can help us by signing the petition or with a simple phone call to Samsung. Together we can make sure this is the right decision for us, for our planet & our future.