RIM - 16th position, 2.0/10

RIM continues to score low in the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronic, with 2.0 points. It remains in the 16th and lowest position of the companies evaluated.

RIM’s performance in detail Download the company’s Scorecard (pdf)

RIM scores poorly on the Energy criteria. The company does receive points for basic disclosure of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for its operations and business travel to the Carbon Disclosure Project, but without externally verified data, it fails to score additional points. RIM lacks both a comprehensive clean electricity plan and a target to increase renewable energy. The company must also set ambitious targets to reduce its own GHG emissions by at least 30% by 2015 for its operations, and use 100% renewable electricity by 2020. It currently has no target.

RIM’s Products score increased in this edition, as it made significant progress in its products’ energy efficiency. All of RIM’s chargers meet or exceed Energy Star standards and achieve Level V for International Energy Efficiency Mark. The company also provides energy saving advice. RIM states all smartphones are free of brominated and chlorinate substances and aims to eliminate polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) and brominated frame retardants (BFRs) from all new products, although there is currently no timeline.  RIM fails to score on the use of post-consumer recycled plastics and life cycle criteria.

RIM scores most points on Sustainable Operations, and is one of the better scorers on conflict minerals. RIM surveys its suppliers on their sourcing, and has joined efforts to provide conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The company’s paper procurement policy aims to source its fibre from sustainably managed forests, and specifically excludes suppliers who engage in illegal logging or source from countries that have been engaged in systemic illegal logging. For a higher score, RIM needs to also exclude suppliers who are involved in deforestation. RIM has slightly expanded its take-back programme for e-waste to outside the US. The company continues to score points for adopting a Restricted Substances List as a part of its chemicals management.

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RIM's performance in detail: Download the company’s Scorecard here