The Fin Brothers - Episode V

The Fin Brothers, Clark and Bruce, have teamed up once again to fight ocean crime. Follow their progress, brought to you in weekly episodes, as they take on the bad guys and bring them to justice. In Episode 5 they take their message to the people of New Zealand.

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Cool, calm and collected. A general authority on a wide range of marine issues. Specialises in Pacific tuna and the catching methods used by more than 6000 industrial fishing vessels working in the region. A longtime Greenpeace supporter who has campaigned to end to bottom trawling, commercial whaling and overfishing. He’s the brains behind The Fin Brothers but is more than happy for Bruce to hog the spotlight.


Enthusiastic and outgoing. Less concerned with the details but likes to get results. Thinks Clark is too serious. Likes to joke around and make inappropriate comments which aren’t always as funny as he thinks. Had a near death experience with a FAD (fish aggregation device) during a school trip. Some of his friends weren’t so lucky to escape. This has motivated him to campaign for FADs to be banned from all purse seine fisheries.