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Summer 2017

In this issue we look at our action against Big Irrgation, how we win on plastics and look back on our year of extreme weather. Find out more.


Winter 2017

In this issue we talk the global fight against the oil villains - from NZ to the Arctic. We also give you the info on regenerative agriculture, and how it's key to saving our rivers. Find out more.


Autumn 2017

In this issue we update you on our trip to confront the Amazon Warrior - aka “The Beast” in Taitu, the People's Boat. Plus Head of Research and Investigations Tim writes about how to uncover secrets no one wants you to know. Find out more.


Winter 2016

In this issue we update you on the work that Greenpeace has been doing in the Hawke’s Bay on our Solar Series - how our #SaveOurRivers campaign has been doing since it launched earlier this year - plus we check out a victory in the Arctic that YOU made possible. Find out more.



Autumn 2016

In this issue we update you on how Greenpeace supporters have been helping shine a light on an out-of-control tuna industry - and fleeing war, human rights abuses and persecution - how MSF and Greenpeace have teamed up to rescue refugees risking their lives in a desperate attempt to reach safety. Find out more.


Spring 2015

In this issue we introduce Russel Norman as our new Executive Director! We also take a look back at some of your global wins, reflect on how Toko is achieving people power, we say bye bye to Shell in the Arctic and much more. Find out more.

Winter 2015

In this issue we remember the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, we highlight the 'People vs Shell movement to Save the Arctic, we update on the campaign to Stop Statoil conducting deep sea drilling in New Zealand waters and much more. Find out more.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

In this issue we celebrate the campaign win against Shell & Lego, the actions against Statoil at the petroleum summit and we feature the Arctic Sunrise and give thanks for the Arctic 30's freedom. Find out more.

Summer 2013

Autumn 2014

In this issue we look at the campaign to stop deforestation for palm oil, the Oil Free Seas Flotilla and Banners on the Beach, the Arctic 30's freedom and the continued campaign to Save The Arctic, and as always some brilliant eco-tips. Find out more.

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

In this issue we look at some of the fantastic actions that have taken place at home and internationally to protect the Arctic, what the possible impacts of an oil spill in NZ would be like and some brilliant eco-tips. Find out more.

Winter 2013

Winter 2013

In this issue we expose the truth about the Texan oil company Anadarko and its plans for deep sea oil drilling in NZ and highlight the success we’ve had in persuading Sealord to change its tuna and Volkswagen to become a greener car company. Find out more.

Autumn 2013

Autumn 2013

We celebrate the visit to New Zealand of the new Rainbow Warrior, our recent expedition to the Southern Ocean Auckland Islands and look at ways we are protecting our children's birthright. Find out more.

Winter 2012

Spring 2012

In this issue we're focused on changing business as usual.. and our big news is that the Rainbow Warrior is coming to New Zealand in January 2013 for a tour of the country. You can find out more in the magazine and register to get on board at www.rainbow-warrior.org.nz  Find out more.

Winter 2012

Winter 2012

Last month, Greenpeace launched an ambitious plan to protect the wildlife of the Arctic, and protect the future of humanity, from extreme oil exploration, industrial fishing and from climate change at the top of the world. I say ambitious, but that doesn’t really do the plan justice. Find out more.

Summer 2012

The pilot’s footage shows a ray, marlin and whales dying after being hauled up in tuna catches. Despite remaining anonymous for fear of reprisals, he went on record to say that these scenes were an almost daily occurrence, and that he’d witnessed whole catches of under-sized tuna dumped back into the ocean, dead... Find out more.

Spring 2011

In October, the people of Tuvalu had to ask for urgent assistance, because they had almost no water left in their entire country. At the same time that assistance was being given, three quarters of Thailand was flooded by biblical proportions of water. The gaps between those once in a hundred year droughts and floods are getting shorter and shorter. The warning signs are there, if people make the right connections. And yet there seems to be a gap, an ever-widening abyss, between the climate changes and impacts we are witnessing and the economic decisions taken by our leaders - as if there was no connection between the two... Find out more.

Winter 2011

Italy is the latest European country after Germany, Switzerland and Spain to declare nuclear power will be phased out. And it was the people, via a public referendum, that shifted Berlusconi's Government. The result came the same week that radiation contamination  from the meltdown a Fukishima was picke dup in Minke whales 1000 kilometers from the coast of Japan... Find out more.

Summer 2010

People power has kicked off 2011 with radical changes taking place in Egypt in the last few weeks. Last year it was Kiwi power that marched to tell the Government not to undermine New Zealand by mining our national parks. We too got our Government to move. And while the world waits to see what changes the uprising in Egypt, and much of the Middle East will bring, many of us here wonder what will become of the Government’s outdated economic plans of dig, drill and burn. Find out more.

Spring 2010

Keeping an eye on history, delivering the truth to Fonterra, Corporate responsibility and Fonterra, My time in Indonesia, Green is the new black, NZ must support its Pacific neighbours, Tokyo two - "Guilty" heroes, Governments fail whales, global wins, kakariki kids, Oily activists challenge government, truth behind the headlines, Up close and personal, Solution to climate change lies within us all, Eco tips, International Roundup, Rainbow Warrior III update. Find out more.

Winter 2010

Valuing what matters, A challenge to John Key, "You can't sink a rainbow', Kakariki kids, global wins, Saving whales, not whling, What makes our fundraisers unique, Return to Rongelap, The truth behind the headlines, International round-up, Ecotips, Leaving a gift to Greenpeace Find out more.

Summer 2010

Sign On - we've come a long way, Copenhagen:Fail, Global wins, Sad Fish hits the road, Whales update, Truth behind the headlines, Exposing Fonterra's climate crimes, New Year's revolution, International round-up, Kakariki kids, Ecotips, Our supporters Find out more.

Spring 2009

It's up to us, And we all Signed On, Mobilisation, What you can do, Sign On's political impact, Global wins, The great palm scandal, A New Zealand farmer speaks out, Classic kiwi dairy works a treat at field days, Through the roof, Truth behind the headlines, A measure of support, A will to inpsire, Pirates and plunderers of the Pacific, Countdown to empty seas?, Kakariki kids, Ecotips, International roundup Find out more.

Autumn 2009

Sign On, Global wins, Climate countdown, How hot is too hot?, Ecotips, Supermarkets, seafood and you, Becoming a Greenpeace intern, Truth behind the headlines, Kakariki kids, A will to inspire, The birthplace of actviism, International roundup, Put yourself in the picture Read more.

Summer 2009

Yes we will, Whales in dangerous water, forging new whale frontiers, Global wins, The climate countdown continues, Climate impacts, Ecotips, Truth behind the headlines, Your measure of support, Kakariki kids, Into Africa, E-waste Read more.