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Agriculture plan makes no ripple

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 17, 2009

Warning: I’ve only had four hours sleep (excluding my little kip on the conference chairs (left), so let’s see how I go writing this blog…. What kept me up last night was the US negotiating team triggering a major delay and...

An open letter to Barack Obama

Blog entry by Nick Young | December 17, 2009

Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, writes to Barack Obama on the eve of his departure for Copenhagen for the COP15 climate talks. Mr. Barack Obama President of the United States of America December 17,...

Geoff has a moment at Copenhagen

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | December 16, 2009

The thing about being one of the 20,000 delegates at the talks in Copenhagen is that you kind of have to kiss good-bye your sanity for two weeks. It's not just the queues to get into the various meetings and events, it's lack of...

Geoff briefs the bloggers at Copenhagen

Blog entry by Nick Young | December 16, 2009

Watch live streaming video from theuptake2 at livestream.com

Tuvalu’s plea – NZ doesn’t lift a finger

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 14, 2009

Today, while tens of thousands gathered in central Copenhagen to march to the Bella Centre, Ian Fry, the negotiator for Tuvalu, was making an impassioned speech for the survival of his country. He had been valiantly struggling ...

Putting one's own agenda aside

Blog entry by Kirsten Morrell | December 12, 2009

My Prime Minister's latest dismal stance is a "COP-OUT!". If John Key wants to talk about the realities of Copenhagen then the point of the negotiations is to address the real threats of climate change and not just the particular...

John Key me me me

Blog entry by Kathy Cumming | December 11, 2009

I feel a bit sick this morning. And it's not just the advent of Christmas and the alcohol-related ramifications of that, it's our Prime Minister's revolting attitude to climate action. In particular, his comments in the New...

The mouse that roared

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 10, 2009

Today the negotiations became even more lively, when the tiny Pacific Island of Tuvalu put its foot down in the Conference of Parties (COP) to insist that they won’t allow talks to progress unless countries commit to considering...

Those pesky Danes

Blog entry by Geoff Keey | December 10, 2009

The political battles in the negotiations have begun.  The first big jolt to the negotiations happened yesterday when a proposed deal that the Danish Government had been consulting on was leaked to UK newspaper The Guardian . ...

VIDEO: Planet A march and concert

Blog entry by Nick Young | December 9, 2009

Here's a selection of highlights from the December 5th 'Planet A' Concert for the Climate. You can watch the full 4 hour recording on ziln.co.nz . Highlights ...

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