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Expedition launch: Arctic Under Pressure

Feature story | May 13, 2010 at 0:00

We are returning to the Arctic Ocean with our ship the Esperanza this month to reinforce the urgent need to protect one of the most pristine and fragile environments on Earth.

Marine reserves - just a stone's throw away

Feature story | August 15, 2009 at 0:00

This week we have created a granite shield against bottom trawling in a fragile and ecologically important marine area in Sweden.

Arctic Meltdown

Feature story | September 7, 2009 at 0:00

A climate tipping point is looming closer every day in the Arctic. The more we find out about the Polar Regions, the more we realise that what we know about the impact of feedback effects has been underestimated. Recent discoveries highlight the...

Whales rot in Iceland

Feature story | January 23, 2007 at 0:27

OK, so let's get this right. Iceland announces the resumption of commercial whaling, kills seven endangered fin whales, but now can't sell the meat.

Polar Bears on Thin Ice

Feature story | January 12, 2007 at 0:00

The good news is the polar bear is likely to given extra protection under US law. The bad news is its home is disappearing faster than ever. With 2007 predicted to be the warmest year on record it looks like they'll need all the protection they...

Global snapshot

Feature story | March 22, 2006 at 0:00

What we've lost, what we have left and what we will lose if we don't act now. That is the message that the latest global maps of the planet's last intact forests and most vulnerable ocean areas tell us.

Pushed to the Brink

Publication | August 27, 2008 at 0:00

It is a matter of serious concern that the oceans are being systematically degraded and are in decline. The most immediate and significant threat to the oceans is overfishing and destructive fishing practices like bottom trawling. But, global...

Auckland Council NZPAM Submission

Action | December 14, 2014 at 4:55

Stop Deep Sea Oil


Multimedia hub | April 17, 2010 at 0:58


New research shows need for urgent climate action

Press release | March 18, 2009 at 19:32

Greenpeace says new research involving New Zealand scientists and published today in Nature magazine, must surely convince our government of the urgent need for climate action.

Anti-whaling activists granted bail in Japan

Press release | July 15, 2008 at 0:00

Two Greenpeace Japan activists, arrested and charged for intercepting a box of whale meat illegally smuggled off the Japanese whaling fleet, have been released on bail, after 26 days in custody.

Greenpeace t-shirts: a retrospective in a whaling town

Feature story | June 10, 2009 at 21:59

A new exhibit in Aomori, Japan, gives a glimpse of Greenpeace history through one of our iconic communication tools: the t-shirt.

Taking the whaling debate to the Japanese people

Feature story | January 27, 2009 at 2:47

We have officially opened a new Communications Centre in the northern fishing district of Aomori. As we mark 20 years of non-violent environmental campaigning in Japan this year, we're bringing our message of healthy oceans, whale protection, and...

We're gonna need a bigger boat!

Feature story | July 9, 2009 at 0:00

Our famous fleet of ships is about to get an extraordinary addition - The Rainbow Warrior III. It will be purpose built from the keel up to fight the greatest threat to the oceans and our world: climate change.

Doomsday clock inches forward with climate change

Feature story | January 17, 2007 at 22:37

Weather of Mass Destruction has officially joined Weapons of Mass Destruction in threatening to wreak irrevocable damage on the earth.

Block The Offer

Action | September 10, 2015 at 4:55

Stop Deep Sea Oil - Block the Offer!

Really? Are you sure?

Page | June 14, 2010 at 20:56

If you think Junichi and Toru are guilty - surely you missed something. Check the evidence

Release our activists

Page | June 20, 2008 at 23:06

United we sail – Mauritian fishermen, Greenpeace protest against overfishing

Blog entry by Oliver Knowles | May 7, 2013

This week, politicians, scientists and fisheries managers from around the world are coming to Mauritius to attend the annual Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) meeting. This organisation is charged by governments to protect tuna...

The world’s slowest emergency response

Blog entry by Karli Thomas | May 16, 2013

If you don’t like the idea of New Zealand becoming the first country to oversee the extinction of a marine dolphin, you should be very worried. I sure am. Six months ago, the NZ Government sought public feedback on its emergency...

Sealord’s change of tuna

Blog entry by Karli Thomas | May 30, 2013

Finally, some long-awaited news: New Zealand’s biggest tuna brand, Sealord, has acknowledged that destructive fish aggregating devices are OUT and more sustainable fishing methods are IN. The company announced yesterday afternoon that...

Ross Sea doco goes global

Blog entry by Peter Young | June 13, 2013

I’m delighted to say that the feature documentary I worked on for the past six years, The Last Ocean , has just been released in 24 countries and seven different languages through  iTunes and a couple of other video on demand...

Japan objects to the protection of sharks - again

Blog entry by Wakao Hanaoka | June 18, 2013

The Japanese government has objected to a decision by CITES, the convention regulating the international trade of wild plants and animals, to regulate the trade of five shark species – including hammerhead, oceanic whitetips and...

Exposed: Iceland's whale hunt (graphic images)

Blog entry by James | June 20, 2013

Sorry these pictures are grim, but it's important we get the message out. This morning, one of our undercover photographers sent pictures showing a magnificent fin whale being harpooned and diced up by an Icelandic ship. The meat...

Whales in the courtroom

Blog entry by John Frizell | July 1, 2013

The courtroom at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in the Netherlands is a long way from the Antarctic. It is a beautiful room with enormous stained glass windows, twelve feet up from the floor, but this is where the...

New Zealand sits idly by as the Maui's dolphin slips towards extinction

Blog entry by Karli Thomas | July 9, 2013

The back-and-forth on Maui’s dolphins between Government departments, released under the Official Information Act and reported by the Dominion Post over the weekend, is gravely concerning for two reasons. Firstly, the Ministry of...

'No one owns the fish of the sea': landmark ruling prevents ocean privatisation

Blog entry by Ariana Densham | July 11, 2013

This morning I was at the High Court in central London where a historic ruling was handed down on who controls the UK's right to fish . An attempt by big fishing firms to protect their decades-long stranglehold on Britain’s fish was...

Whale meat shipment successfully blocked

Blog entry by Andrew, Greenpeace International | July 11, 2013

This morning, Greenpeace Germany activists boarded a ship docked in Hamburg, and prevented it from leaving with a cargo of meat from endangered fin whales. zoom 10 July 2013 © Daniel Mueller / Greenpeace  ...

Best opportunity for the creation of world’s largest marine reserves

Blog entry by Richard Page | July 12, 2013

Once again I am attending a meeting of the strangely named CCAMLR (the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources), the organisation responsible for looking after the icy waters that surround Antarctica. ...

Russia says NYET at Ross Sea talks

Blog entry by John Hocevar | July 17, 2013

As I pack up my bags to head home to the US after two weeks in Germany, I have to stop and wonder at how hard it is to get the world working together for a real environmental outcome. I arrived here with about a dozen environmental...

Chipping away at the fin whale trade

Blog entry by Arin de Hoog | July 16, 2013

Somewhere between Iceland and Japan, the fin whale got a little bit safer. The 27 metre long mammal is the second largest in the world. It ranges across the globe and can be found less and less in all the major oceans. It's a beautiful...

A whale of a time

Blog entry by John Frizell | July 19, 2013

Last week was a good week for the fin whales of the North Atlantic, a week that has been three years in the making. In April 2010, we learned that a ship from Iceland had unloaded 7 containers of whale meat in Rotterdam for...

Whales in the courtroom – the last days of the hearing

Blog entry by John Frizell | July 19, 2013

I was optimistic on board the train, heading to The Hague for Japan's final presentation of its case for continuing Antarctic whaling. The court case started more than 3 weeks ago at the International Court of Justice and my lawyer...

Deep seabed mining: an emerging threat to our oceans

Blog entry by Richard Page | August 1, 2013

Back in the 1970s, my interest in the ocean, underwater exploration and the weird and wonderful marine life that can be found under the waves had been already been spurred by the films of Jacques Cousteau recording his voyages aboard...

Pacific Island countries to surf the sustainable tuna wave

Blog entry by Karli Thomas | August 8, 2013

You can be confident that the Fair Trade coffee you grab on the way to work helps support local coffee producers in countries from Tanzania to Costa Rica. Sadly, right now the same can’t be said for the tinned tuna on your sandwich...

Never-ending teeth, Ninjas, and cannibalistic babies – 10 amazing shark facts

Blog entry by Willie Mackenzie | August 12, 2013

Sharks have a never-ending supply of teeth. They regenerate replacement dentition on an inexhaustible toothy conveyor belt... which explains why you see so few shark dentists. But sharks are not all about teeth, despite the bad...

The EnvironmentaLIST: The worst things the tuna industry does to our oceans

Blog entry by Cassady Sharp | August 13, 2013

When what you do is hundreds of miles from civilization, it’s pretty easy to get away with some messed up stuff.  The tuna industry in particular can reap the benefits of an “out of sight, out of mind” existence. Here are some of the...

Shark finning in your living room

Blog entry by Phil Crawford | August 26, 2013

Shark finning is banned by many countries but it’s still legal in New Zealand. Not a lot of people know that. But, thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the creative team at Colenso BBDO, we’ve been able to produce and...

NZ not a happy place for sharks

Blog entry by Phil Crawford | August 29, 2013

New Zealand is being left behind as countries around the world move to ban shark finning. This week India joined that movement. Responding to falling shark numbers due, in part, to shark finning the Indian government has announced a...

Shark finning sucks. Sort it out New Zealand!

Blog entry by Willie Mackenzie | August 30, 2013

There’s nothing defensible about shark finning . It’s the marine equivalent of the poachers who kill rhinos to hack off their horns or kill elephants to hack off their tusks. It’s not dissimilar to killing bears or tigers for spurious...

Shark finning? It just won't fly!

Blog entry by Karli Thomas | September 4, 2013

Right now the New Zealand Government is putting the final touches to its plans for a public consultation about sharks. Unfortunately, what we’re hearing from officials gives little room for optimism that they’ll do the right thing and...

Not here, not anywhere

Blog entry by Farah Obaidullah | September 5, 2013

It’s been a year since Greenpeace in Australia took action against the Margiris super trawler and to mark the anniversary – admittedly coincidentally – Greenpeace activists in Chile protested against the presence of the monster boat...

Sharks are awesome. Shark finning is not.

Blog entry by Phil Crawford | September 9, 2013

Sharks are in for an image makeover during New Zealand’s first-ever Shark Awareness Week which starts today! Sharks often make the headlines for the wrong reasons so this week a series of events around NZ will focus on the vital role...

Every day is Black Friday for NZ Sharks

Blog entry by Phil Crawford | September 13, 2013

As a former press photographer I always used to dread Friday the 13 th .  Not because I’m superstitious but because the editor always expected an outstanding Black Friday photo for the front page. My colleagues and I would be sent out...

Key Tokyo Two trial facts

Page | September 7, 2010 at 7:42

At a press conference on 15 May 2008, Sato showed journalists a box of ‘personal luggage’, labeled as ‘cardboard’, sent by a crewmember of the Nisshin Maru factory ship to his home. It contained 23.5kg of salted unesu whale meat, worth an...

Meet the Tokyo Two

Page | February 23, 2010 at 2:18

While hundreds of millions around the world have spoken out against whaling, Junichi and Toru are the only two currently facing prison time for working to expose the industry's corruption. Here's a little more about them...

Take action: Contact the Prosecutor about the real whaling scandal

Page | May 5, 2009 at 8:19

What would happen if Japan's Supreme Public Prosecutor's office was inundated by letters calling for the whale meat investigation to be re-opened? Join us to find out!On this page we've prepared a letter you can print and post yourself, and a...


Page | August 9, 2008 at 21:30

The websites below provide further information on endangered species, fisheries, aquaculture and other seafood related subjects.

Whaling on trial

Page | March 11, 2010 at 5:55

Greenpeace activists Toru Suzuki (below, right) and Junichi Sato (below, left) have been facing trial for nearly two years in Japan and are now awaiting a final verdict. They are charged only for theft and trespass -- yet it has always been...

ARCH - the-great-whale-trail

Page | August 17, 2010 at 12:36


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