How we fundraise

Page - January 22, 2016
People-power is our not-so-secret weapon in making companies and governments do the right thing.

Greenpeace asks people to add their voices, their actions and their money to give our campaigns the biggest possible impact.

We’re absolutely independent - politically and financially. And we’re proud of that. It enables us to campaign on areas that are of the most concern, and in ways that will be the most effective.

We try to be completely transparent about our approach to asking people for support.

We don’t ask for or accept any money from companies or governments. We only take money from individual people.

That’s why we care so much about getting our communications with people right. We set high standards, we train all our fundraisers, we have clear policies about not approaching young or vulnerable people, we monitor what’s done and we take swift action on the rare occasions when things don’t meet our standards. We don’t pretend to be perfect and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve.

And this is our promise to you, our supporters:
We never sell or swap your details.

We only call people who have signed up to our work or agreed to be contacted by us.

We restrict the number of phone calls asking for money to two a year and always listen if it’s not a convenient time to speak.

If you tell us you don’t want to be contacted again, we don’t contact you again.

Here's our full privacy policy.