French Secret Service Agents

Page - July 7, 2017
Two French agents served time in prison for their part in the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, but there were many others involved in its planning and execution. Many of those involved have simply disappeared.

French Secret Service (DGSE) Agents in New Zealand

Operation commander - Lieutenant Colonel Louis Pierre Dillais (alias Jean Louis Dormond)

Reconnaisance/information gathering - Christine Cabon (alias Frederique Bonlieu) infiltrated the Greenpeace office in Auckland.

Ouvea Team

The Ouvea yacht crew who brought equipment and explosives to NZ.

Chief Petty Officer - Roland Verge (alias Raymond Velche)

Petty Officer - Gerald Andries (alias Eric Audrenc)

Petty Officer - Jean Michel Bartelo (alias Jean -Michel Berthelot)

Doctor - Xavier Maniguet

Support team

These agents pretended to be a Swiss couple on their honeymoon. They supported the operation by transporting agents and equipment in their campervan.

Major Alain Mafart (alias Alain Turenge)

Captain Dominique Prieur (alias Sophie Turenge)

Attack team

This team included combat divers who attached the bombs.

Jean Cammas (alias Jacques Camurier)

Jean Luc Kister (alias Alain Tonel)

Gerard Royal

Coordinator - Francois Verlet briefly joined the party on the Rainbow Warrior but left before the explosions.

French Government

President Francois Mitterrand

Prime Minister Laurent Fabius

Defence Minister Charles Hernu

French Military

Head of the French DGSE(secret service) - Admiral Pierre Lacoste