Just two days now until the massive anti-mining march in Auckland! Right around the North Island, placards are being painted and buses organised to transport people to the City of Sails to have their say.  Just incase what's at stake has slipped your mind, check out this video of Sign On ambassdors Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm visiting the stunning Paparoa National Park (just one of the spots on National's chopping board):

In the last week, it's become apparent that the Government's mining plans stretch far beyond what they'd originally tabled in public, with Forest and Bird revealing intentions to mine more National Parks than previously thought. So it's not bad; it's really bad.

Meanwhile the Commissioner for the Environment has come out against the schedule 4 proposals, a stance which got right up Gerry Brownlee's nose.

Speaking of the Brownster, rumour has it he can't stop watching the steamy Youtube video in which he features with aforementioned ambassadors Lucy and Robyn.

Cheerio til Saturday!! If you're can't make it but have a good placard idea, see here.